Be Careful: If You Take Shots At Kevin Love Online, LeBron James Might Come For You

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Just because Kevin Durant isn’t likely to respond to websites chirping him online doesn’t mean the rest of the NBA won’t clap back. One site learned that the hard way when a tweet poking fun at Kevin Love got both the forward and the league’s best player to dive into the fray with brutal responses.

Love and LeBron James have been close lately, working out together at UCLA and just generally seeming jovial about the upcoming season. But one Tweet claimed that the forward has a tough time getting along with his Cavaliers teammates.

A tweet by Barstool Sports’ official Twitter account called out Love on Friday, using a video of a bunch of kids dabbing for the camera in a row. The joke, apparently, is that the one who seems unsure of what to do must be Kevin Love.

Love clearly saw the video and posted a biting response, quote retweeting in on Friday afternoon implying that he and his Cavaliers teammates are getting along just fine.

“Funny thing is-cause his friends are so dope, that kid will get plenty of primo ? as he gets older,” Love tweeted. “Trust me. Jokes on you @barstoolsports.” The tweet ended with the clown emoji. It also seemed pretty clear what the box emoji was implying here.

LeBron responded by retweeting Love’s response, adding nine sideways smiley faces and a few hashtags to the mix to show that he approved of Love’s tweet.

“Classic,” James first hashtag read along with the warning “#DontTryKLove.”

It’s a good bit of team bonding for a group that’s sure to have an interesting season. And not a bad warmup for Love as he does battle inside the, um, key, this year.