You Can Bet On Where LeBron James Will Play When The 2019-20 Season Starts

05.09.19 4 months ago

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From the outside looking in, the Los Angeles Lakers appear to be a mess right now. The organization is still without a head coach after parting ways with Luke Walton and, in short, the front office does not seem to be functioning at an obscenely high level. Beyond the palace intrigue, ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith recently shined the light on those near Jeanie Buss pushing for a trade involving LeBron James (or at least the speculation about the possibility), which produced an interesting reaction in the off-shore betting world.

The folks at responded by offering odds on where James will play the first game of the 2019-20 season and, while the Lakers are a big favorite at -600, the chance to bet on this could be enticing for some. When removing James’ current employer from the running, there isn’t a clear No. 1 option, with the New York Knicks and LA Clippers both having +700 odds according to the off-shore outlet.

Then, a pair of James’ former teams are in the mix, with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat at 10-1 (+1000). For good measure, it is possible to bet on the Chicago Bulls (+1500) and Indiana Pacers (+1800), though they would be seen as big-time long shots here.

On the surface, it may seem absurd that James could be traded at all, as the best player of his generation is still playing at a high level when healthy. Still, who knows what whispers will emerge if Los Angeles strikes out in free agency and the trade market over the summer and. The odds outline an unlikely scenario for a trade and, frankly, there is probably value on betting the Lakers on this one. It’s interesting to consider alternatives, though, and that is what any betting outlet wants.

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