LeBron Dominating As The Browns QB In ‘Madden’ Will Make You Wish He Was A Two-Sport Star

LeBron James is, to put it tactfully, an almost unstoppable force. In a league where being almost super-humanly athletic is nearly a prerequisite, nobody really comes close to the King’s unique blend of size, speed, and strength, and that’s not even factoring in any of his actual basketball skills. People have speculated for many years about what LeBron James could accomplish in the NFL. Now, thanks to an enterprising gamer, the magic of Madden 17, and another depressing injury to Robert Griffin III, we get a taste of the hypothetical dominance LeBron would unleash on the football field as the new quarterback of his hometown Cleveland Browns.

Take a peek at the video if you’ve always wanted to see LeBron utterly annihilate the Baltimore Ravens all by himself. Despite being one of the NBA’s absolute best passers, it’s LeBron’s speed and strength running the ball through the teeth of a seemingly half-dead Ravens defense that racks up a ludicrous amount of points for the Browns. True, Cleveland’s defense does give up 37 points to a pseudo-elite quarterback like Joe Flacco, but that’s fine, because LeBron leads the Browns to 97 points with about a minute to go, which if what the internet says is true, is a lead the Ravens probably can’t cut into.

Just another reminder that LeBron is better than basically everyone at basically everything. Next up, Boogie and ‘Bron battle it out on the gridiron.

(Via B/R)