LeBron James Bulldozes Rajon Rondo

You can add this clip to the Miami Heat‘s “Humiliation of the Boston Celtics,” that now includes Dwyane Wade hitting KG with the killer two-step and then breaking Ray Allen‘s ankles: LeBron running over Rajon Rondo like he isn’t even there:

Don’t you think these clips from last night are pretty representative of what this series has been and how it will most likely will finish?

The Heat are younger, faster, healthier, and meaner. Yesterday we hit with a Carlos Arroyo quote where said that the Heat have been “obsessed” with the Celtics from the first day of the season. Now they are running roughshod over Boston and making the Celtics look like an old Ali taking too many punches in the ring. Watch all of these clips in succession and you want to stop the fight…

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