LeBron James Hit A Last-Second Hook Shot To Beat The Brooklyn Nets

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The Cleveland Cavaliers had no business being in a tie game with the Brooklyn Nets with only seconds remaining, but that’s where they found themselves on Saturday night when their everything, LeBron James, bailed them out with a gorgeous hook shot over Brook Lopez with one second remaining.

The play itself is kind of surprising, in that a hook shot isn’t normally a part of LeBron’s arsenal. One might have expected James to drive into Lopez’s body and try to get to the line, or step back and attempt a fadeaway jumper. But he executed the hook shot beautifully, and Lopez never had a chance to block it.

In the standings, it’s a first-place team beating up on a bottom-dweller, but the Cavs needed LeBron’s heroics to get out of this one, which probably isn’t what anyone was anticipating heading into the matchup. The Cavs overcame 22 points from Lopez and double-doubles from Thaddeus Young and Jarrett Jack.

LeBron filled the box score in typical fashion with 26 points, 9 rebounds and 5 assists. He got help from Kevin Love, who also had 26 points, but aside from Love, the Cavs shot 3-16 from three-point range. J.R. Smith was particularly bad, shooting 3-12 from the field. Still, they got the win, and that’s all that counts at the end of the year.