LeBron James Couldn’t Help But Honor Carmelo Anthony’s Memorable Run On The Hawks

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Basketball is generally broken down by eras. The ’80s were defined by the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, the ’90s were all about Michael Jordan establishing himself as an all-time great, the ’00s are remembered for ghastly and unwatchable basketball and also by LeBron James, and up until this summer, the ’10s were all about superteams, namely the Golden State Warriors.

But on July 19, 2018, things changed forever, as Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Atlanta Hawks. Sure, Anthony had as much of an impact on the Hawks organization on the floor as your average member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom, but when it came to getting jokes off, Melo’s time in Atlanta before he was bought out to allow him to join the Houston Rockets was great.

The funniest moment came when it was revealed that Anthony wanted to get a Hawks jersey with his name on it. After the dust had settled, the Hawks tweeted that Anthony will, indeed, get his wish. It was a legitimately funny, so much so that LeBron James felt the need to chime in and pay his respects to the Carmelo Anthony era in Atlanta.

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