LeBron Taking A Video Of The Cavs Riding The NYC Subway Made A Random Passenger Mad

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LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are in Manhattan to take on the New York Knicks on Monday night. After shootaround, where LeBron cleared up his comments about the Knicks draft and not taking Dennis Smith Jr. being only a shot at Phil Jackson, the squad hopped on the subway to get back to the hotel.

The reason the Cavs decided to take the train rather than the bus was a traffic jam caused their buses to shootaround to be late and it was going to take 45 minutes to get back that way, or less than 10 by the train.

That was an easy decision for the guys, and they piled onto the train by the Garden. For LeBron, it was his first time on the New York City Subway, and he was most concerned about ensuring that they all got on the correct train.

The best part of that video is Dwyane Wade walking through the station with ice bags strapped to both knees and the fact that the only player you can audibly hear get called out by a fan is J.R. Smith, not LeBron James. LeBron’s nerves about getting on the right train were calmed by J.R., who wasn’t going to lead his teammates astray.

Once on the train, LeBron started taking a video of the squad packed in and looking generally out of place in all their gear.The absolute best part is when James pans to a random guy to his right, who freaks out and puts his hand in front of the camera while saying “can you not?!” before getting up and leaving.

That guy is either not supposed to be out of the office at that moment and is terrified of being spotted on LeBron’s video, or he has no idea who LeBron James is and is afraid he’s going to get clowned on video again by some random people on the train. I say again, because that’s the quick response of someone who’s sat down and found himself getting roasted by a random teen on the subway for their Instagram.

LeBron’s reaction is great, as he just pans over to Wade and you can see the guy stand up and shuffle away, leading James to pan back and celebrate his newfound room on the train, as others (who know who LeBron is) lean over to wave to the camera. He also had to calm down the Cavs’ security guy so he wouldn’t get up in that gentleman’s business.