LeBron James Thinks It’s Time For The Browns To ‘Change The Culture’

08.18.18 11 months ago

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You can take LeBron James out of Cleveland but he’s still going to comment on the happenings of his hometown football team. James had given Cleveland sports fans a good team to root for while the Browns, uh, worked through some rough seasons the last few years.

Things are looking up for Cleveland, though. Getting two of the first three picks in the NFL Draft often provides a boost, and the franchise expects to actually win a game this season with either Tyrod Taylor or Baker Mayfield at the helm.

And just because James is in Los Angeles playing for the Lakers doesn’t mean that he isn’t paying attention to the Browns. On Friday James tweeted at Associated Press writer Tom Withers, who covers the Browns and asked his followers whether the team could handle signing Dez Bryant.

James’ argument here is that the team needs to get out of its old ways and take risks on players like Bryant, who somehow hasn’t landed with an NFL team despite taking a meeting with the Browns earlier in the week. In James’ opinion, the franchise needs players that will buy in, but after a winless season they need to switch things up and find new ways of thinking with the right leadership in place.

Cleveland won its first preseason game last week but lost on Friday night. None of that really matters, I guess. But it’s fun to see James talk about sports he’s not taking part in as a fan and someone who wants to see their hometown team get better. Writers and fans interact on Twitter all the time. But this kind of interaction seems more notable than most.

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