LeBron Tweeted Through The Pain Of The Browns Blowing A Late Lead Against The Packers

12.10.17 1 year ago

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Being a fan of the Cleveland Browns hasn’t been fun in well over 20 years. The Browns are a terrible, terrible football organization that continue to find unique ways to lose and fail on a grand scale. It is, honestly, rather impressive.

Browns fans are conditioned to wait for the worst, because experience dictates it’s coming. It used to be considered the Cleveland sports complex, but with the Cavaliers and Indians breaking free of the treadmill of mediocrity, the Browns’ failures stand out even more. And yet, despite everything, the Browns remain the most beloved team in northeast Ohio.

Even Akron native LeBron James, who brought the city of Cleveland its first championship in decades with the Cavs in 2016, can’t help but remain a diehard Browns fan. He, like every Browns fan, will happily criticize and even laugh about the team’s ineptitude during the week, but on Sundays we all come back and, for some reason, remain hopeful for a win.

On this Sunday, the Browns played the scuffling Packers in a game they had a real chance to win (Vegas even thought so, putting Cleveland as only three-point underdogs). Cleveland looked in control in the fourth quarter, leading 21-7, but the Browns, as they are wont to do, allowed the Packers to comeback and win. LeBron, enjoying his off day, decided to lock in on the Browns and root them on to their first win of the season. James live-tweeted his despair watching Cleveland lose the game in gut wrenching fashion in overtime.

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