The Cavaliers Need To Trade The Brooklyn Pick To Keep LeBron, According To An ESPN Reporter

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09.05.17 3 Comments

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Now that the Cleveland Cavaliers have sent Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics, they can move on to their next major piece of roster-related business: Figuring out how to make sure LeBron James stays in Cleveland. LeBron is a free agent next offseason, and there’s plenty of smoke indicating that he is strongly considering leaving town.

So basically, this all comes down to the fact that the Cavs need to figure if it’s worth doing whatever they need to do to make LeBron happy. If the answer is no, there’s no need to worry about LeBron being part of the team’s future. If the answer is yes, every asset the team possesses has to be on the table.

The most intriguing asset they possess is Brooklyn’s first round pick in the 2018 NBA Draft. According to Chris Haynes of ESPN, turning that pick into something right now is the key to making sure LeBron doesn’t go anywhere next summer.

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