LeBron James’ Secret Conversation With Lonzo Ball Got Picked Up On Video Thanks To On-Court Mics

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12.15.17 6 Comments

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LeBron James and Lonzo Ball shared a moment on Thursday night. After the Cleveland Cavaliers took down the Los Angeles Lakers, 121-112, LeBron sought out the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NBA Draft and told him something. The moment got turned into a meme, largely because LeBron pulled his jersey over his mouth and tried to keep the conversation between the two of them a secret.

But because it is 2017 and nothing ever works out the way anyone wants, a hot mic on the court picked up some of the conversation. And as you can expect, that clip got posted to the internet, giving us a glimpse into what the two had to say.

You can’t totally make out what LeBron says, but according to Reddit, he wants Ball to try and drown out the “white noise” that is around him.

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