LeBron’s Delightful New Intel Ad Pokes Fun At Everyone Who Calls Him A Crybaby

04.01.17 12 months ago 3 Comments

People love getting on LeBron James for being a “crybaby.” Whether it’s because of his on-court demeanor or because he cried after the Cavaliers won a title (go figure!), this is a way for people to criticize LeBron for something.

One of LeBron’s best traits is that he’s one of the most aware athletes on earth — he absolutely knows about this perceived reputation, and thanks to this new commercial for Intel, he poked fun at the narrative. It depicts LeBron knocking down a triple to win a game and immediately hugging a teammate.

The people on commentary say we need to see LeBron’s hug on an Intel 360 replay, and during the replay, his face goes from his own to that of a crying baby for a split second. After playing it back and slowing it down for that moment, we got an extended shot of LeBron with this face.

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