‘Hit Me With Your Best Shot’: See All 3 NBA Playoff Buzzer-Beaters From This Weekend

This year’s NBA Playoffs started slow. Except for the Spurs-Clippers epic in the first-round, exhibit 1A for the removal of NBA divisions altogether, there wasn’t much else going on except the injury to Kevin Love and a crazy Golden State comeback. But then the second round started, and all four favored seeds went down 2-1 in the opening week, the first time that’s ever happened in NBA history. The zaniness culminated this past Mother’s Day weekend when we got to watch a buzzer-beater every single night.

Derrick Rose started things off with his bank beauty from beyond the arc on Friday. Paul Pierce followed suit, going glass and calling “Game” the next night in Washington from his cozy spot on the left elbow. Then LeBron saved his coach and Cavs fans by playing hero in Chicago on Mother’s Day evening.

While the above Vine is certainly fun in a bang-bang, I-only-have-the-six-second-attention-span-of-a-toddler sort of way, the estimable Isaac knows how to add some art to the look back at the last-second game-winners. If you don’t enjoy Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot,” as the soundtrack of the weekend, then we feel incredibly sad for you.