LeBron James Bumps Some Classic Dr. Dre En Route To The Cavaliers’ Media Day

Some NBA players approach media day with apprehension. Not everyone is comfortable mugging for the cameras or answering countless questions from reporters, and team public relations personnel ask players to do more of each than ever for the season’s unofficial tip-off. Plus, many players have things of far greater importance to worry about than leaving a good impression in photos or interviews – you know, like making a final roster and earning a guaranteed contract.

Media day and the first practice of training camp to follow, needless to say, can be stressful. But not for guys like LeBron James.

Fully entrenched as a foundational cornerstone of his franchise and the league at large, the four-time MVP obviously doesn’t need to be concerned with his place in the Cleveland Cavaliers hierarchy. James has been a fixture of the national spotlight since his teenage days, too; he’s closer to relishing media obligations than approaching them with nerves.

So what does a living legend do en route to embark on the 13th season of his storied career? Bump some classic Dr. Dre while being driven to the team facility, of course.

LeBron and the Cavaliers have made no secret of anger gleaned from the way 2014-15 ended. Even the notoriously mild-mannered Kyrie Irving says the wine-and-gold will be fueled by “rage” this season. But a hallmark of James’ personality is a relaxed, gregarious nature; his short-lived stint as basketball’s villain following “The Decision” yielded nothing but disappointment and self-reflection.

And if his attitude on the way to media day is any indication, James will make sure his team has plenty of fun while taking vengeance on the league throughout 2015-16.