LeBron James Nearly Destroyed The Rim On A Pair Of Dunks Against The Suns

LeBron James, even at the age of 32, is still a phenomenal athlete and that really isn’t up for debate. However, if there was any doubt, the Phoenix Suns would surely vouch for his explosiveness after what took place on Thursday evening.

In the first half, James took the ball on a fast break with the head of steam and, as usual, the rest was history. Rookie forward Dragan Bender elected to try to contest what appeared to be a sure-fire dunk from James and he was wildly unsuccessful as the freight train blew past him with haste on the way to the rim. With that said, LeBron was just getting started.

His second highlight dunk of the evening was arguably more impressive, if only because it took place within a halfcourt set. Suns forward P.J. Tucker was isolated against James on the right side of the floor and, after a beautiful spin move, the best player on the planet took off toward the rim without a deterrent in sight. From there, Akron’s favorite son elected to get fancy, going with a powerful reverse dunk that rattled the rim and provided the Cavs with a 93-76 advantage.

LeBron James being a physical marvel should probably stop being wildly impressive at some point but, for whatever reason, it just hasn’t happened yet. He is spectacular to watch the mix of athleticism and power is one-of-a-kind.