The King and His Court

02.05.10 8 years ago 31 Comments

The LeBron/Dwyane Wade matchup started off well, didn’t it? Despite the fact that ‘Bron came out doing his Kobe “facilitator” thing for most of the first quarter (he started at PG because Daniel Gibson missed the beginning of the game to be with his pregnant fiancée at the hospital), he and Wade both locked in and got down to attacking the hoop. James finished the first half with 19, Wade with 18, and it looked like the second half would be a shootout … Not so much. Wade couldn’t by a bucket ’til late in the fourth, and by then Miami was down double-digits. The game turned into a yawner and the Cavs rolled to an easy 102-86 win. James finished with what felt like an easy 36 points, seven boards and eight assists, and Wade ended up with 24 and nine dimes … With the guys who were being trotted out to the slaughter by being assigned to guard LeBron – guys like Dorrell Wright and Quentin Richardson – LeBron could’ve probably gone for 50 or 60 if he wanted to. Those guys had absolutely nothing for James and if he was in straight attack mode, it could have gotten ugly … You know the game is pretty much a wrap when Marv, The Czar and Reggie spend 15 minutes talking about how terrible Wade’s supporting cast is and what it’s going to take to keep him in Miami … Wade going 0-fer from the field for most of the second half wasn’t even the strangest part of his night. Did you see Dwyane try to block J.J. Hickson‘s fast break dunk in the first half? Hickson had a head of steam and went up with two hands – Dwyane had no chance of blocking the dunk. But he went after it anyway and helped to provide Hickson with the highlight of his life. It’s all downhill from here, J.J. … Reggie pointed out in the first half that Michael Beasley does work when defenders let him drive left, to his strong hand. It always amazes us when it seems like teams don’t A) have any kind of scouting report or B) just choose not acknowledge the scouting report. Beasley would rather lose a digit than put the ball on the floor going to his right in much the same way as someone like Manu Ginobili never drives right. Yet teams consistently let guys go to their dominant hand … Somehow, in the second game of the TNT double-header, Portland beat San Antonio 96-93 even though LaMarcus Aldridge was the only Blazer to show up through three and a half quarters. LA finished with 28 and 13 and was pretty much was Portland’s only source of offense and rebounding for most of the game, until Martell Webster (21 points, 5-5 from three) started raining murder from deep … The basketball world in general has been waiting for the Clippers to end Mike Dunleavy‘s reign as head coach and GM for years now. The Clips have been consistently terrible with him in charge, its been understood that the players hate playing for him because of his restrictive style and have long tuned him out, and Dunleavy’s personnel moves haven’t exactly set the world on fire. So why did the decision for him to step down as head coach come yesterday afternoon? It was pretty much assumed that Clippers owner Donald Sterling had been keeping Dunleavy on the sidelines because he realized that even if Red Auerbach was coaching this roster they’d still be mediocre at best – why keep paying Dunleavy’s contract and a new coach’s contract if the team is going to stink no matter what? So, as per usual, nothing the Clippers do makes any sense … We’re out like Mike.

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