LeBron James Wants To Help Dwyane Wade End His Career ‘The Right Way’

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LeBron James had two games against his friend and former teammate Dwyane Wade on the schedule this season. But the first game didn’t work out because of the miracle of life. James and the Lakers traveled to Miami on Sunday to play the Heat, who were without Wade because he was in, well, Los Angeles, for the birth of his child.

That leaves just one game between James and Wade before his “last dance” is complete, barring a meeting between the two in the NBA Finals. That seems unlikely, however, and so December 10 is now a huge date on the NBA calendar for two friends who have spent a lot of time together.

James spoke to the media in Miami after the Lakers’ 113-97 win over the Heat and according to the Miami Sun-Sentinel James said it “sucked a little bit” that he didn’t get to play against Wade on Sunday. The good news is he scored 51 points in Wade’s absence, but not having him in Miami to help celebrate the end of his pro hoops career was disappointing.

“It sucks. I can’t even lie to you guys,” James said. “I have never lied to you guys, obviously. I mean we all know the reason why he is not here.”

That’s why, according to James, the trip to Los Angeles to play the Lakers has to be a big deal for the two.

“To know that we only had two more games against each other, and one of them isn’t going to happen, it sucked a little bit,” James said. “Hopefully we are both in uniform when Miami comes to L.A. and we can finish this off the right way.”

The good news for James is that Erik Spoelstra said Wade is expected back “soon” for the Heat, and one would think both he and LeBron will do everything in their power to make sure they’re both on the floor on Dec. 10.