LeBron James And Dwyane Wade Poked Fun At The Cavs Trade Rumors On Twitter

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The Cleveland Cavaliers are in a really unique spot right now, and it has to do with LeBron James. They’re obviously desperate to keep the 31-year-old superstar when he hits free agency this summer, but have to figure out if it’s better to go for broke this year or have some kind of safety net in the event he splits.

It’s possible that no transaction the organization makes will keep James in Cleveland past this year, but that won’t stop general manager Koby Altman from trying. That effort involves looking at all options for player acquisition, and on Friday, a bunch of trade rumors involving the Cavs came to light.

The flurry of options: Lou Williams of the Clippers and maybe even the Kings’ George Hill popped up. But might they be interested in Rodney Hood? And what about Kemba Walker? The sudden rush of talk makes for a lot of questions players like James and Dwyane Wade might not want to answer, which is why James poked fun at the flurry of rumors on Saturday afternoon with a little help from The Starters‘ J.E. Skeets.

James retweeted a joke tweet Skeets wrote linking the Cavaliers to a bunch of fictional characters, with James using emojis to add in Teen Wolf. While all of these superstar imaginary athletes would improve the Cavs, the point James is making is that many of these rumors might be as real as the players Skeets linked to the Cavs.

Wade was sure to have some fun with the tweet on Saturday, too.

It’s good to see Cavs players trying to stay loose with what is often a chaotic situation in the lead-up to the trade deadline. Worrying about these kind of things can often just add undo stress to the situation.