The Official Who Ejected LeBron James Claims The Superstar Threw An ‘Air Punch’ At Him

11.29.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

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One of the best things about the never-ending conflict between athletes and the officials that judge the games they play is that every so often an official will be interviewed by a reporter about something that happened during a game.

Often, this interview is to explain an official’s side of the story. Or for a ref to offer a mea culpa after a decision gone wrong on the court. In the case of official Kane Fitzgerald, No. 5 in your officiating program if you’re keeping score at home, he got to speak to the media on Tuesday night after he ejected LeBron James for the first time in his 15-year NBA career.

James was ejected during the third quarter of a game against the Miami Heat, and afterward James complained about the officiating that led to his ejection. But Fitzgerald said he was right to issue a technical foul against LeBron, and that James should not have punched the air near him in a threatening way.

Fitzgerald met with a pool reporter after the game, ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, and described what led to the decision to eject James.

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