LeBron James Is Tired Of How Enes Kanter’s ‘Always Got Something To Say’

11.13.17 1 year ago

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LeBron James and the Cavaliers are having quite the Monday in New York. The entire team took the subway back to the hotel after shootaround because traffic was terrible, and that led to LeBron angering a fellow passenger for taking a video of him.

At shootaround, James had to explain that his comments about Dennis Smith Jr. and how he should’ve been taken by the Knicks, wasn’t a slight at Frank Ntilikina, the player New York took at No. 8 over Smith, but was just a shot at Phil Jackson and him voicing an opinion on how good Smith is. James compared it to him thinking the Browns should have selected Deshaun Watson No. 1 overall last year, which isn’t to say Myles Garrett won’t be great.

However, that wasn’t the only thing James had to say about the entire situation. As he continued on, he seemed frustrated it had become a thing at all as he clarified his comments for “people who just live inside a box, and for Enes Kanter, who always got something to say.” Kanter, of course, was among those that took exception at LeBron’s comments and came to his teammate’s defense, along with Kristaps Porzingis.

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