LeBron James Seems Very Excited To Play With New Point Guard George Hill

02.12.18 3 months ago

Getty Image

Sunday afternoon’s thrashing of the Boston Celtics likely placed members of the Cleveland Cavaliers in a positive general mood and that appears to include LeBron James.

The best player in the world extolled the virtues of “being around guys that want to win and work hard” after the game, and while James had plenty of new teammates to choose from in terms of sending affection, he centered a bit on veteran point guard George Hill.

The Undefeated’s Marc J. Spears brings word of James’ quotes to the media and, in addition to praising Hill’s “on-the-ball pressure and just running the team” in his debut, the former Sacramento Kings guard garnered applause in other areas.

“George Hill’s basketball IQ complements me. The guy has been in so many big games. You can tell he knows how to play the game smart. [He’s] big, physical, so we’re definitely going to work well together.”

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