LeBron James Threw Down An Alley-Oop Off A Kyle Kuzma Bounce Pass From Beyond Halfcourt

Getty Image

Not much is going right for the Los Angeles Lakers, as the team entered Tuesday’s tilt against the Chicago Bulls on a five-game losing streak. While the game was simply (and somewhat sadly) a battle of two lottery-bound teams, that didn’t stop LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma from partnering on a memorable play in the third quarter.

With the Lakers trailing by a score of 64-59 early in the second half, Kuzma gathered a steal and tossed a relatively normal-looking outlet pass into the frontcourt. On cue, James turned on the jets, ran the ball down, and elevated to turn the anonymous dish into a halfcourt alley-oop flush.

This is certainly a “wow” play from James, who can still fly when he wants to. It has to be said that the pass from Kuzma ended up being perfect, though, and it glanced off the floor high enough to allow James to gather smoothly on the way to the rim.

In some ways, it is on-brand that the Lakers were losing to a bottom-five team in the Bulls when this play happened but, for a brief moment in mid-March, Los Angeles simply generated a highlight and avoided some of the feeling that the world was crumbling around the team.