LeBron Says James Harden’s Crossover Of Wesley Johnson Is A Move ‘You Dream About’

03.01.18 1 year ago

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There aren’t an awful lot of interesting stories to follow in the NBA in late February and early March. You have the playoff races heating up but still not yet at a fever pitch, and the race for the top lottery pick, which is maybe more interesting on a nightly basis than the playoff races right now.

Without trade rumors and the like to fill the day and take over the news cycle, one great play can remain the top story overnight and into the next day, dominating all NBA conversation. That’s what’s happened with James Harden and his now-famous crossover of Wesley Johnson that immediately went viral and caused a minor meltdown on basketball Twitter.

Fans weren’t the only ones that lost it over the play, as the move wowed stars around the league as well. LeBron James was asked about the move after Cavs practice on Thursday and, with a twinkle in his eye, he explained how that’s a move you dream about as a basketball player.

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