LeBron Thinks There’s A Double-Standard Inherent With The Mavs Trading Harrison Barnes During A Game

02.07.19 7 months ago

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Harrison Barnes is on his way to Sacramento as the Kings and Mavericks agreed to a deal on Wednesday night to send the veteran wing to help Sacramento in the playoff hunt.

The Mavs will get a young player back in Justin Jackson along with Zach Randolph to make the money work, and all-in-all it seemed like a pretty solid trade for both parties. Dallas gets cap room for this summer, while the Kings — never really a free agent destination — get a wing upgrade in their best season in over a decade.

There was one thing that was strange about the deal, though, and that was that Harrison Barnes was in the middle of playing against the Hornets when the trade news broke. Barnes would get pulled from the game and sat through the fourth quarter, but it’s rare that a player in trade talks is allowed to play at all the night of a trade — at the least they’ll wait until after the game to let a deal be known.

LeBron James noticed how strange that was and took to social media to call out a double-standard he feels exists between when players make business decisions and when teams do it.

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