LeBron James Introduced Hillary Clinton At A Rally In Ohio With Some Help From J.R. Smith

11.06.16 1 year ago 4 Comments

It’s hard to say if he changed any minds, but it’s nonetheless a big deal that LeBron James endorsed Hillary Clinton for president. He’s the most famous athlete in America, plus he’s riding an unprecedented wave of goodwill after bringing a title back to Cleveland. It’s a big deal that he’s willing to make overtly political stands, not just platitudes about coming together.

Now that the campaign is on its home stretch, LeBron is doing more than supporting Hillary with words – he’s getting out there on the campaign trail together with her. We knew he would be there in Ohio on Sunday, but he brought a surprise with him in teammate J.R. Smith, bringer of joy wherever he goes.

J.R. had previously expressed his support for Clinton with a tweet on Friday when he was asked about potentially attending the event.

No matter which candidate you support, it’s cool to see athletes using their prominence to tell people to become a part of the Democratic process. It’s especially big that James is out there letting his voice be heard because we’ve seen prominent athletes refuse to use their fame to encourage people to vote in the past. As for this event, Ohio is going to be one of the more closely contested states come Election Day, so we’ll have to see how much influence King and Pipe God have on voters in The Buckeye State.

A rally fit for a King.

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