LeBron James In The Dunk Contest: “Hold On, We’ve Been Waiting For This”

08.21.13 6 years ago

It used to be people respected when a player didn’t want to participate in one of the All-Star weekend’s Saturday night competitions. The superstars might want a night off as they prepare for a game off in Sunday’s headline. But LeBron James changed his mind on the dunk contest, at least in this new Nike commercial.

The commercial is a brief glimpse of what his participation might look like in an increasingly apathetic dunk contest. Personally, we can never tell if our enthusiasm for the supposed highlight of Saturday night is waning because of age, or the underwhelming performers. This might make it the latter.

You might also remember this same dunk from the spirited warm-ups last season.

Personally, we’re hoping Kobe Bryant enters the dunk contest next year then starts publicly deriding stars for punking out on him if they don’t also enter. #MambaOut

What do you think?

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