LeBron James Looks To Be Going Insane In This Workout Video After A Back-To-Back

Some folks are gym rats. And some folks just take it to entirely different level. The Cleveland Cavaliers had back-to-back games against the Washington Wizards and Boston Celtics on Friday and Saturday, respectively, and both of those resulted in much-needed wins for a team that had been floundering the week prior and was under tremendous scrutiny.

LeBron James must have been feeling pretty good about that, because on Sunday he posted the above video to his Instagram account where he appears to be losing his marbles a little bit, maybe from the lack of rest or the adrenaline overload (or both). In any case, the Cavs will be back at it against the visiting Memphis Grizzlies on Monday night, so fans in Cleveland should probably hope the four-time MVP takes the rest of the afternoon off or just rides the endorphin waves to a third straight victory.