A Single LeBron James Instagram Post Is Worth More Than Most People Make In A Year

07.10.17 9 months ago 2 Comments

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A new trend has emerged on social media the past few years. Athletes and celebrities have not only grown increasingly savvy about how to leverage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, etc. to build their following and refine their brand; they’ve figured out how to monetize their presence.

HopperHQ, Instagram’s internal scheduling tool, released a top 10 “Rich List” on Monday, which compiles the people whose individual posts are worth the most money in terms of paid sponsorship opportunities, based on their number of followers and their overall exposure.

Singer Selena Gomez topped the list with 122 million followers, while basically the rest of the Kardashian clan came in after her, with Cavs superstar LeBron James rounding out the top 10 with 30 million followers. According to their data, a single LeBron post is worth about $120,000. Here’s more from the co-founder of HopperHQ.com, Mike Bandar:

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