This LeBron-Kevin Durant ‘WWE 2K’ Simulation Is Better Than The NBA Finals

06.06.17 10 months ago


The 2017 NBA Finals have been less than thrilling, to say the least, through two games in Oakland as Kevin Durant and the Warriors have blasted the Cavaliers in both games to take a 2-0 lead. Things could change as the series shifts to Cleveland, but no one is holding their breath that this year becomes a repeat of last year’s epic series.

With that said, it’s the last real basketball we’re going to see for months, so everyone wants to enjoy it as much as possible before we enter the dark days of the mid-summer sports calendar. The good thing about boredom is that it can breed creativity, so when fans grow restless of watching mediocre basketball, they manage to make something interesting out of the Finals anyways.

That’s what Miguel Luis (YouTube profile Shady00018) has done by firing up his copy of WWE 2K and simulating what would happen in LeBron James and Kevin Durant were to meet in the squared circle, rather than on the hardwood.

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