LeBron James Couldn’t Help But Make Fun Of This Hilarious Picture Of Kevin Love In High School

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10.20.16 2 Comments

There was a time when Kevin Love was one of the most highly-regarded high school basketball players on earth. He tore it up at Lake Oswego Senior High School in Oregon and earned the distinction of being the third-best prospect in the nation, according to 247Sports.

While all of this was happening, Love became something of a household name. He was one of eight prospects featured in the documentary Gunnin’ for That #1 Spot, he was Gatorade’s National Male Athlete of the Year, he earned basically every distinction that you can win as a high school basketball player, and he was featured in SLAM Magazine back in 2006. All of those were probably awesome for 18-year-old Kevin, but one of those things led to him getting roasted by LeBron James on Thursday.

SLAM tweeted out an old picture of Love that it took back in the day, and LeBron couldn’t help but joke about the fact that Love’s shoes were massive.

In a way, we empathize with Love, because everyone has embarrassing pictures of themselves from when they were in high school. It happens with everyone who has ever existed because that’s just what happens when you’re in high school and you’re in that weird, awkward place between your youth and adulthood. And really, it’s a cool picture, but Love and his sneakers just look a little silly.

But at the same time, Love is wearing shoes that are large enough to have their own zip codes. These things look like oversized slippers, and one UPROXX staff member pointed out that these look like the default shoes from NBA2k, which is the best way to describe these that anyone has described these bad boys. Add in the fact that Love looks way different in this pic than he does now and of course LeBron was going to eat up retweets at his teammate’s expense.

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