LeBron James Set Up A Kevin Love Three With This Ridiculous Bullet Pass

LeBron James wants Kevin Love out of Cleveland so badly he tried to cut him in half with a basketball. Ok, maybe not that, but he still threw this pass insanely hard.

The Cleveland Cavaliers forward and acting general manager threw a nasty dime to Kevin Love on the fast break Monday night against the Washington Wizards.

James picked up a rebound in the defensive zone and took off in the third quarter, racing down the floor until he was picked up on defense by Bradley Beal. He then leapt up in the air and launched a pass at Love’s torso. Somehow, Love handled the shot in the left corner and put up a three that gave Cleveland a 5-point lead.

LeBron’s charitable inclusion of Love in the offense is nice considering the rumors that he desperately wants Cleveland to acquire Carmelo Anthony, even at the cost of losing Love. It’s an absurd notion, of course, but rumors are rumors and thus must be discussed thoroughly.

James made some minor assist history on Monday night, passing … ha ha … another all-time great on the career assists list.

Here’s another nice dime from James, if you need it.

The assists on Monday night actually gave James a bit more history: he’s the only player in NBA history to crack the top 20 in career points, assists and steals. Pretty good for a front office guy like James.