LeBron James Took Out Some Finals Frustration By Dominating Kids At His Son’s Birthday Party

Since losing the NBA Finals in five games to the Warriors, LeBron James has not shied away from the public eye, revealing his new bald look and enjoying a back and forth with Draymond Green during Golden State’s victory parade. James seemed to come to an understanding after Game 3 of the Finals that his fate was mostly sealed, so he’s not wallowing in misery after the loss, but the frustration is still there.

So, when it came time for James to throw his son Bryce’s 10th birthday party this weekend, he went all out, but wasn’t just in supervising dad mode. No, LeBron James went out there and let some of those competitive juices flow by dominating children on the court, field, and in water balloon fights.

James posted a video of his son’s wild birthday sports extravaganza to Instagram and there was one constant: LeBron dominating. His sons seemed to love it, as dad dunked on fools, Moss’d kids in the end zone, and pelted them with water balloons. If you were friends with Bryce James, what more could you want than to go run around and play games with LeBron?

Videos of professional athletes dominating against small children never gets old, and it’s great that LeBron is out there with his sons. The dunk seemed all in fun, as did the catch and spike in the end zone, but there was a little added “oomph” to those water balloon throws from James and his wife, which is understandable to anyone that’s worked with a group of 10 year olds before. It also looked like James was playing on the teams opposite his sons to help even the playing field, and I respect him even more for the equal opportunity domination of any child, regardless of relation.

James seems pretty happy to be living his best life, hanging out with the family and crushing kids in all athletic ventures, even though the Warriors are celebrating the title right now. The cake for Bryce’s birthday is pretty sweet, too, and we also have learned that LeBron’s kid already has a logo that’s better than most professional athletes’ logos.