LeBron And His New Best Friend Made The Kiss Cam At An Indians Game

LeBron James ended his usual social media hiatus that he does during the postseason on Monday afternoon, one day after the Cleveland Cavaliers became NBA champions. One of the first things he posted was a video with the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, which he hugged and kissed and spoke to like it was his significant other.

It’s a little silly, but LeBron returned to Cleveland with the sole intention of bringing the NBA title with him, and while it took him a year to accomplish that, he got the job done.

The video of LeBron kissing the trophy has probably been replayed thousands of times in Cleveland. It even made a cameo at Monday night’s Indians game. The Indians decided to do a kiss cam, and at one point, the jumbotron showed LeBron and the trophy.

Unfortunately, there’s no video to be found of this going down, but I’ll bet anything that LeBron and the trophy’s jumbotron cameo led to the crowd at Progressive Field losing its mind. They can probably do this same thing every time they do a kiss cam from now until the end of time and it’ll have a similar result.