LeBron James Called For An Explosive Off-The-Backboard Alley-Oop From Kyrie Irving At Halfcourt

05.01.17 12 months ago 2 Comments


This is the type of highlight that makes you stand up in your living room and start applauding. It’s also the type of highlight that is possible when LeBron James is on a basketball court.

During Game 1 of the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ Eastern Conference Semifinal series against the Toronto Raptors, LeBron forced a turnover when he intercepted a Kyle Lowry pass intended for Serge Ibaka. He immediately passed the ball to Kyrie Irving, and once LeBron realized that Lowry would be Toronto’s only defender who got back in time, he told Irving to throw up an alley-oop.

The thing that makes this so special is LeBron realized this almost immediately, as he called for the lob from Irving at halfcourt. Irving managed add some flair to the request, as he tossed the ball off the backboard and right into LeBron’s hand. From there, the King did the rest.

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