LeBron James Threw Down After Kyrie Irving Tossed A Beautiful Pass Off The Backboard

Associate Editor

Hey, look, the Cleveland Cavaliers did something awesome in transition. Kyrie Irving forced a turnover and looked like he was going to coast to an easy, uncontested layup. Instead of doing that, Irving saw LeBron James streaking down the left side of the court and decided that we all deserved a highlight.

Irving tossed the ball off the backboard to LeBron, who didn’t have anyone near him and threw down effortlessly. The best part of this, though, came before Irving even threw the ball off the backboard – when the turnover was forced, there were at least two Boston defenders between LeBron and Kyrie. But King James ran so fast that he blew past everyone and was eventually rewarded by his point guard. Watching Cleveland in transition is a thing of beauty, especially on plays like there where Irving’s playmaking and James’ finishing ability are highlighted.

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