LeBron James’ Latest Tweet Seems To Be A Not-So-Subtle Message To Kyrie Irving

Getty Image

August has arrived in full and there is no resolution in the Kyrie Irving trade request saga. As such, there is plenty of tension in the air surrounding the Cleveland Cavaliers and that includes the (very) odd vibe coming from the best player in the world, LeBron James. James famously used a Meek Mill song to seemingly send a message to Irving through social media back in mid-to-late July and now there is more apparent fire to the smoke.

James uses a clean version of lyrics from Drake’s “Portland” in this instance, not allowing anyone to “ride (his) wave” with an assumed eye toward Irving. Petty LeBron has become quite a thing recently and, with that, this tweet will produce all kinds of reaction. At the end of the day, though, it would be tougher to argue against the fact that Irving was involved here than it would be to argue in favor of that theme.

At this date in the calendar, the urgency level for the Cavs to move on from Irving could be picking up, even with the caveat that Cleveland could make a compelling case to hold on to the All-NBA guard. Until something is resolved, though, chatter like this will continue, and when LeBron James is involved, the magnifying glass is always cooking.