LeBron James Called The LA Billboards Asking Him To Sign With The Lakers ‘Flattering’

03.09.18 12 months ago

Getty Image

LeBron James is a hot commodity these days, and the billboard wars trying to recruit him to play for various NBA teams are escalating. Sixers fans got things started with a billboard asking James to sign with Philadelphia in free agency this summer, and Cavaliers fans shot back with a billboard of their own.

The latest billboard came out of Los Angeles, with four in the LA area coming from a Lakers superfan this week. James and the Cavaliers happen to be playing there this weekend, so questions about said billboards were pretty inevitable.

LeBron has said in the past that he’s done talking about his assumed free agency, but he has talked about how fun it is to see fans want him on their team. And that’s a similar reaction he had to the LA billboards as well.

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