LeBron James Calls It ‘Fair’ That Lakers Fans ‘Feel The Way They Feel’

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Not much went right in Los Angeles this year. Ok, that’s not true, because the Clippers are really good, but for those who align themselves with the Lakers, the first year of the LeBron James era couldn’t have gone much worse.

Just as it looked like the team was in a position to make a statement in the Western Conference, James got hurt, then seemingly everyone else got hurt, and between injuries and the general issues the squad had with roster construction, the Lakers will miss the postseason for the sixth year in a row.

For a franchise that has pretty high standards, this isn’t something that any Los Angeles fans are especially stoked about. This sentiment is shared by James, who in a sit down interview with Allie Clifton of Spectrum SportsNet made it clear that he understands what the Laker faithful is feeling right now.

“It’s absolutely fair that our fans feel the way they feel, because when you are a Los Angeles Laker, and you have done the things that you’ve done over the course of time of being part of this organization, all the way from Minneapolis, all the way to Los Angeles, that’s how it should be,” James said. “It’s like we’re either competing for a championship or winning championships, and I love that. That’s why I’m here, because I want to be one that can add to this room in here and hopefully add to the banners of the individuals that helped bring greatness to this city.”

It’s been a frustrating year for James, both because of the inability to make the postseason and because of how much time he’s missed between his groin injury and getting shut down. All eyes are on how the front office will react this offseason, sure, but the important thing is for James and co. out how to win games once the 2019-20 campaign rolls around.