LeBron May Have Trolled Lonzo Ball With This Awkward Pre-Game Shooting Drill

While it may not be a full-fledged rivalry at this point, there is certainly some friction between LeBron James and members of the Ball family. To be fair, James and UCLA star Lonzo Ball do not have any negative direct interaction (at least on the record) to this point, but the best basketball player on the planet doesn’t necessarily have an affinity for Lonzo’s father, LaVar Ball.

James famously told the elder Ball to “keep my kids’ name out of your mouth, keep my family out of your mouth,” which came in direct response to comments from the always bombastic father of Lonzo, LaMelo and LiAngelo. This time around, though, it appears that the Cleveland Cavaliers star could have been taking a shot on the best player in the Ball family and it came in the form of an odd shooting form.

Prior to Cleveland’s game against the Chicago Bulls on Thursday evening, James was captured on camera potentially mimicking the already controversial jumper of Lonzo Ball. One of the biggest questions surrounding the soon-to-be NBA Draft pick is whether Ball can continue his quality shooting at the professional level because of the strange form he utilizes, and LeBron appears to be keenly aware of what he’s doing.

It is always important to note that we don’t know what LeBron James is doing here and, frankly, he isn’t very good at imitating Lonzo Ball’s form if that is indeed the goal. Still, this action will throw more fuel on the fire and probably inspire some sort of response from the Ball Family. The wheels go round and round.