LeBron James Is Proud Of Lonzo Ball For ‘Taking Control’ And Would Welcome Him To Nike

03.25.19 4 months ago

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Lonzo Ball remains out for the season for the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s making significant moves off the court. Over the weekend it was revealed that Ball and Big Baller Brand had cut ties with Alan Foster, the company’s co-founder, after allegations arose that he may be responsible for $1.5 million missing from the Ball family.

Some interesting things came out of that story. The first is that Lonzo, not LaVar, owns the controlling stake in Big Baller Brand. That’s certainly different than what most assumed about the company, especially given who has done most of the talking about the brand over the last few years. That controlling stake was the reason why Lonzo was the one who officially cut ties with Foster over the missing money.

Another interesting revelation was found in the revised edition of that ESPN story on Monday, which is that the Lakers were concerned about Ball wearing his BBB signature shoe given his string of ankle injuries. Ball assured the Lakers that nothing’s wrong with his shoe, but it’s an interesting inquiry given the speculation that Ball may be interested in a deal with another company, namely Nike.

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