LeBron Fans Waited All Afternoon At An L.A. Blaze Pizza Location Only For Him Not To Show Up

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It’s been 10 days since LeBron James decided he would leave the Cavaliers for the Lakers, agreeing to a four-year max deal in L.A. that he officially signed earlier this week.

Since then, the Lakers have signed quite the interesting cast of veterans to fill the empty roster spots around LeBron and there’s been plenty of chatter about how well that group will fit with James in his first season with the Lakers. We won’t know the answer to that for some time, but James himself seems to be getting the hang of this L.A. thing already.

On Monday, James teased that he would be dropping by the Blaze Pizza location in Culver City for a pizza party celebrating his joining the Lakers. Naturally, it blew up on Twitter and fans marked their calendars to head over to hopefully meet the King for some ‘za.

So on Tuesday afternoon, there were hundreds of Lakers fans ready to meet LeBron at the Culver City Blaze Pizza, braving the heat to get some pizza with LeBron. However, James never confirmed his arrival and neither did Blaze Pizza, so as time went on, people started to wonder if James would ever show, as documented by Bleacher Report’s Dave Schilling, The Athletic’s Joe Lago, and the Ringer’s Danny Heifetz.

We’ll start at the beginning, where there was optimism abound at the prospect of James’ arrival.

The mood began to turn as the hours wore on without the King’s arrival.

There was even a moment where the crowd thought he had arrived, only to find that it was just some rich guy with a nice car and not LeBron.

Eventually, it was confirmed that James would not be there, five hours after it all began.

It’s unfortunate, obviously, for those that camped out in hopes of seeing LeBron, but also unmistakably funny and extremely L.A. of him to make plans then not show without telling anyone. He’s going to fit in just fine.

As for what James was doing during all this, according to his wife Savannah’s Instagram account, my man was lounging in a donut pool float.