LeBron James And The Rest Of The NBA Reacted To Meek Mill’s New Album

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Ariana Grande’s new music video may have captured the world’s attention on Friday, but it was also release day for Meek Mill. Championships has gotten strong reviews, both from music critics and those who listen to music in a more recreational manner. That includes a bevy of NBA players, and many of them sung Meek’s praises.

There’s been a lot of talk about the album in general and what it means, but at this point it’s clear that the NBA is filled with huge fans, none bigger is Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. He was clearly feeling the album on Friday night when he tweeted out some Meek lyrics and mentioned the rapper on Twitter.

The praise continued on Saturday as James explored the album further.

Other NBA players were shouting the rapper out on launch day as well.


Jason Terry appreciated getting a shout from Mill on the album as well.

Seriously, there was a lot of love on launch day.

Brad Wannamaker also tweeted about Meek and the album multiple times, raving about the new release.

Watching the league react to a cultural moment like this is always interesting, and it’s clear that Meek Mill has a lot of respect in the NBA. It also seems like a lot of plays got some new music to bump before games.