LeBron James Might Have A New Hairline

We’re hardly an authority on hair. But even we can tell something looks a bit different about LeBron James. The King showed up to Nike’s unveiling of the LEBRON 12 yesterday sporting coverage and color that belies his long and obviously receding hairline.

Here’s a studio photo presumably taken in early July that offers a good look at LeBron’s dome:

This pic is from just two weeks ago:

And here are a couple shots of James from yesterday’s sneaker event. Something looks a bit different, yes?

LeBron restored faith in the hearts of Cleveland fans by returning home, and it seems as if an area doctor has returned the favor by restoring his hair. Do we know that for certain? No, though it’s not like James hasn’t made light of his displeasure with his hair before.

Personally, we think it looks great. It’s somewhat disappointing, though, that James likely won’t be going the shaved-head route anytime soon.

What do you think about LeBron’s new look?

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