The Upcoming Movie About LeBron James’ Life Now Has A Director

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LeBron James is still operating at a remarkably high level, even after more than 15 years in the NBA. In fact, there is still plenty of history to be written with regard to the Los Angeles Lakers forward and James remains, in many ways, the center of the basketball universe.

With that as the backdrop, however, a movie about James’ life and upbringing is reportedly in the works through his production company, SpringHill Entertainment, and more information came to light this week. Justin Kroll of Variety brings word that a still-untitled movie about James now has a director, as Chris Robinson has been tabbed on the project that will be headed by Universal.

Robinson is currently working on the television program “Star” on FOX but all indications are that he will be taking the lead here, putting together a film with a script centering on a biography of James, co-written by Buzz Bissinger and James himself. The book, titles Shooting Stars, was released in 2009, meaning there is plenty of intrigue with regard to how much of James’ present-day work will be included, but James will reportedly be joined by Maverick Carter as a producer on the feature.

Given the early nature of this development, there is a lot we don’t currently know but a movie about James and his development would be interesting on a number of levels.