LeBron James Had A Defiant Message For Players That Felt Slighted On NBA Draft Night

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Even LeBron James says he knows what it’s like to feel shade thrown his way on draft night. The Cavaliers superstar had an interesting message for anyone who felt maligned one way or another on Thursday night at Barclays Center, posting to Instagram with a message for those who felt slighted by their draft position or lack of selection.

LeBron posted a semi-famous local news roundup of Cavaliers players talking about a young James before he ever played a game for the Cavaliers.

The rub here is at the time the Cavs were the worst team in the league. Bad enough to win the lottery and get the rights to James in the first place. But none of his future teammates seemed all that excited to have James joining the squad when asked by the media about the impending arrival of the high school superstar.

Poor Carlos Boozer has to wear the L hard here with his skeptical face used as the preview image of the video LeBron posted as he remembered his own draft experience back in 2003.

So just imagine how hard is to fight off the naysayers, doubters, haters that u never see but u know they talking crazy behind tv screens, computers, phones, tablets. Then imagine fighting off naysayers, doubters, haters that u would think have your back and u see them everyday! Keep the grass cut, so u can see em when they coming. Then u heat they ass up. Cause they cats that u went to play with, will catch you in your new whip and your brains into cool-whip(Kiss said it best)! So basically no matter what u do just keep the blinders on at all times, work hard, push forward and I promise you’ll have the last ???????????????????

It really is amazing to see how little emotion the Cavaliers have about LeBron. Even with all the hype, he was an unproven high school player in the eyes of those pros. It doesn’t seem to be something James forgot about, and if that kind of motivation works for him I’m sure many other young NBA players are thinking the same way.