LeBron And NBA Stars Showed Love To The ‘GOAT’ Tom Brady After His Sixth Super Bowl Win

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Tom Brady and the New England Patriots picked up their sixth championship on Sunday in Atlanta as they beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3 in the lowest scoring Super Bowl of all-time. Brady finished the game with 262 yards on 21 completions, with an interception and no touchdowns, but he came through when needed most and, thanks to the Pats defense, they didn’t need more than one great drive by Brady and the offense to win.

The defensive nature of the game, which for much of the game was dominated by the punters, caused many NBA players to note how boring it was watching the game, but after, it was all about showing love to Brady on another title. Brady’s sixth title extends his lead to two more championships than any other quarterback in NFL history, further cementing his place as arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time.

The GOAT conversation in the NBA often pits Michael Jordan against LeBron James, with Jordan’s six championships often serving as the trump card against LeBron’s three. While LeBron begs to differ there, given his performance in orchestrating a comeback from 3-1 down against the greatest regular season team of all-time in 2016, he has no qualms calling Brady the GOAT in football.

James and a number of other NBA players hopped on Twitter to congratulate Brady and proclaim him the GOAT once again.