LeBron James Isn’t Worried About The Nets Pick Because It Might Not ‘Be That Good’

10.26.17 2 years ago

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LeBron James isn’t concerned where the Cleveland Cavaliers sit in the draft next summer. The Cavaliers have control of the Brooklyn Nets’ unprotected pick, a highly-coveted asset it acquired in the trade that sent Kyrie Irving to Boston for a package that also included Isaiah Thomas.

Now, you can be cynical about it and say that James isn’t worried about the pick because he might not be coming back to the team next fall. But if you ask James, it’s because the Nets might not be as bad as everyone assumed they might be.

Brooklyn beat the Cavaliers on Wednesday, prompting Tyronn Lue to quip that Brooklyn might want the Cavaliers’ pick for themselves. And James himself said the pick might not be what Cleveland hoped it would.

He told Cleveland.com that he’s not worried about where the Nets end up, because they might be better than a lot of people thought.

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