Jordan Peele Has A Great Idea For An ‘Us’-Themed LeBron James Nike Ad

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LeBron James is a fan of many things, but few topics get him more excited than seeing black excellence on display. He’s raved about the impact of Black Panther on young people of color and taken the time to single out outstanding people or products created by the African American community.

So it’s no surprise that James is excited about Us, the second feature film from director and actor Jordan Peele. The Key and Peele creator and star branched out in a big way with Get Out in 2017, a rare horror film to not only get nominated for four Oscars but win one, with Peele taking home Best Original Screenplay.

This Christmas saw NBA broadcasts blanketed with a terrifying trailer for Peele’s new movie — Us. It looks freaky and much in the same vein of the excellent vision Peele has shown with his debut feature film, which is plenty exciting for anyone who likes Peele or horror movies in general. And count James among both groups. On Thursday, James retweeted a story about the movie and expressed his excitement for the film’s 2019 release.

The director caught sight of the best basketball player on the planet getting excited about his film and turned it into a chance to pitch himself some new work. Namely, an Us-inspired Nike ad with James facing off against the evil version of his basketball-playing self.

It’s unclear if Peele is being serious here, but we’re all for it. Better yet, make this the plot of Space Jam 2 and have Ryan Coogler team up with Peele to give the classic movie’s sequel a much darker tone. Now, that’s something all movie fans could get excited about.