LeBron James Somehow Nutmegged Aaron Gordon On A No-Look, Behind-The-Back Bounce Pass

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We all agree that LeBron James is an amazing basketball player whose ability to do just about anything on the court makes him prone to making the impossible look routine. Despite this, James is really good at finding new ways to raise the already-high bar for himself.

Take, for instance, Thursday night’s game against the Orlando Magic. James busted out a pass that makes some of his more difficult distributions look routine. Considering how he is one of the players who has a case for being the best passer in the world, this is saying a lot.

The Cavs had possession of the ball, and after an attempted entry pass by Kyle Korver, it bounced around aimlessly in a silly reminder that basketball can be stupid sometimes. James ended up recovering it and did this, much to the chagrin of Aaron Gordon.

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