LeBron James Thinks Haters Might Believe His Nutmeg Of Tristan Thompson Was ‘Fake’

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The Cleveland Cavaliers and Philadelphia 76ers faced off in a memorable clash on Thursday evening, with the up-and-coming Sixers emerging victorious. Following the game, the takes were flowing in all corners of the basketball world, and in short, Joel Embiid even jumped into the fray to recruit James to Philly on social media.

However, the big-picture takeaways existed separately from the utter madness that James was able to pull off with a ridiculous nutmeg of his own teammate, Tristan Thompson, and Basketball Twitter exploded as a result.

Following the game, there were many storylines to keep track of, but one of them was James’ reaction to the move. He indicated that he did not, in fact, realize that the ball went through Thompson’s legs — but also heaped high praise on what transpired.

Then, James hopped on Twitter to provide an even more interesting response, saying that “haters will say it’s fake” in the aftermath.

Obviously, there is more than enough visual evidence to confirm that, yes, this did actually happen. Clearly James wasn’t even sure that the ball followed the path that it did, and as a result, it was probably inadvertent to some degree. Still, that doesn’t take away from the brilliance, and it wasn’t as if it was the fault of James that the Cavs fell short on the scoreboard.

If nothing else, the best player in the world provided the best moment of the night … even in a loss.